Green Your Halloween!

2018 Doherty Family Halloween

2018 Doherty Family Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Not only is it fun to hear about your kid’s costume ideas and to watch halloween movie marathons, but I see it as the beginning of the holiday season and cooler weather!

But with most holidays comes some additional waste, so I wanted to put together a few tips to reduce some of the extra plastic waste this All Hallow’s Eve.

Halloween Candy

It is sad to say, but the days of making your own treats for trick or treaters is gone. With nut allergies and creepy people with bad intentions, a lot of parents don’t trust a non-packaged candy for their children. The good news is that there is a variety of candy wrapped in paper and cardboard out there for a less toxic and more widely-recyclable alternative to plastic candy wrappers. Here are a few that I’ve thought of.

Click the image to order from Candy Warehouse

Please comment with any others you can think of!


There are several options for getting the perfect Halloween costume that are better than buying new costumes every year. Halloween costumes are primarily made of plastic-based materials and often get worn once before ending up in a landfill! Let’s think of other options…

Buy Used or Shop Vintage

This year I have been all about Poshmark for our Halloween costumes! Wil is going to be a vampire, Joseph a fire truck and Isabel a little lamb… all from Poshmark! There are also many Facebook groups with great pre-loved costumes. Going to a vintage or thrift store and creating your own costume from cool finds makes for an awesome and unique costume!

Sewing Your Own

For the crafty people out there (not me!). I have serious respect for those who can get materials and sew together a cool Halloween outfit for their kids. I would really love to be able to sew together costumes with more natural and breathable fabrics for my children. In Houston especially, I feel like my kids are dripping sweat inside of these polyester nightmare of costumes! Ce’st la Vie (I guess) & Tis the Season!

Most importantly, have a wonderful, fun, and safe Halloween!

xo, Amy

One more throwback… our first Halloween with Wil!

One more throwback… our first Halloween with Wil!


Also Consider…

Back to School: Sustainable Clothing


Here we go… finally part 2 to my back to school posts. I apologize for the delay. Things have been busy and crazy to say the least with a cross-country move and two vacations in 3 weeks. We finally got all of our furniture and boxes back into our house in Houston. Boy does it feel good to be home and settled! We broke up our time in Houston during the month of August with two trips to California: one to Lake Tahoe with the kids and one to Los Angeles just me and my husband. David didn’t start work until September so we took advantage of his rare time off and escaped the Houston heat while we could.

School has finally started for all of our Kids. I am so looking forward to the fall and the fun festivities (and clothing styles) that accompany it.

WHAT YOU BUY MATTERS The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world. It uses more water than any other, apart from agriculture, and is responsible for the unfair working conditions of millions of people. With that knowledge, what I look for in sustainable clothing brands are organic materials (nothing plastic-based), ethical production and superior quality. When shopping, I try and first find things second hand via Facebook groups, Poshmark, or local resell shops. I have also found some super cute brands that prioritize sustainability. Take a look at some of my favorite sustainable children’s clothing lines!

Art & Eden

Art & Eden clothing is made with sustainable fabrics - organic cotton and up-cycled or recycled polyester that is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard. They use low impact dyes and recycled, up-cycled or biodegradable packaging. They strive for a cradle to cradle operation, where what they make can be re-used, recycled or can decompose. Read more about their sustainability here

Soor Ploom

Soory Ploom consciously makes an effort to reduce their ecological footprint in everything they do. Their fabrics are dyed using low-impact dyes. Their garments come bulk packaged from their factories. Shipping materials are 100% paper and recyclable, they also recycle their unused fabric scraps with FabScrap. They strive to cultivate an appreciate for quality over quantity, live in a world where less is more, and teach our children that slow fashion is more sustainable.

Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses believes that at a time when environmental protection is no longer an option, but rather the key to our future, sharing this commitment with our children becomes an obligation. They are a Spanish brand that replaces conventional materials with sustainable ones like organic cotton and recycled polyester… plus its super cute!! Read more about their sustainability here

Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini is born and raised with the vision to make clothes that children love to wear, without compromising social and environmental aspects of the production. Mini Rodini carries one of the most sustainable ranges on the market – their collections include over 99 % products made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Modal®. They also have a selection of upcycled products where they reuse leftover fabric from earlier collections. Read more about their sustainability here

Thanks for checking this out! I am excited for Fall and hopefully some cooler weather soon!


Other Sustainable Stores & Sites I Love


Misha & Puff



Vivo Barefoot

Nature's Healing Power


As I mentioned in another blog post, when our family moved to North Carolina a year ago, the beauty of the place inspired me to better care for the environment.

More honestly, I was struggling with anxiety and a bit of depression upon our arrival. I felt sad most of my pregnancy and had a tough case of the baby blues in my postpartum period. I wasn’t working out like I had been and I stopped wanting to socialize with friends. The sadness during postpartum was then compounded with the stress of moving our family of five across the country, I just wasn’t in a great place upon our arrival. I began to regularly go on walks and runs along the  beautiful wooded trails and I discovered that I would return home happier and inspired. Each day lifted my mood and eventually, the feeling stuck.

While I always knew that nature had healing properties, I recently learned it was a studied form of therapy. The field of ecopsychology, sometimes referred to as nature therapy, studies the positive changes nature can have on a person’s psyche. Ecopsychology experts believe the health of the planet is inextricably linked to the psychological health of humanity, both individually and collectively (Theodore Roszak).

While a walk in the woods is nice,  several studies have found  that a mere glimpse of nature from a window or even photographs of nature can help people's overall mental health and life satisfaction (Ulrich).

While a walk in the woods is nice, several studies have found that a mere glimpse of nature from a window or even photographs of nature can help people's overall mental health and life satisfaction (Ulrich).

When I started connecting to nature, it healed a part of me and in return I felt compelled to do more to help it heal and maintain its beauty.

Practices like composting, improving our recycling, and reducing our single-use plastic consumption slowly helped me feel I was giving back to the Earth. When you appreciate nature’s beauty and healing properties, protecting its health is a natural reaction.


There have been many times this past year when I needed to connect to nature to overcome struggles from anxiety, grief or loneliness. I loved this connection that I felt everyday in North Carolina. I will miss the immediate calm felt by simply opening the door to our backyard and taking in North Carolina’s breathtaking beauty. But knowing this effect doesn’t require a huge yard or a nature trail gives me assurance that when I need it, nature will be around the corner wherever I go.

Plus, I can’t wait to check out all of Houston’s natural beauty that I haven’t previously experienced!

Places in Houston I am most excited to explore

Where are your favorite nature escapes in Houston (or elsewhere)?