Avoiding Single-Use-Plastic Cups for the Kids


Most of us are pretty good about not using single-use plastic cups at home. We have our own drinking glasses and the kids have their favorite kids cups, so it’s no problem.

However, dining out at restaurants is when single-use drinking cups can be a challenge, especially with kids. Have you ever sat down at a kid-friendly restaurant and before everyone is even settled the waiter arrives with waters for all the kids in plastic cups? They are just trying to provide good service, but I haven’t even had a chance to tell them that we don’t use single-use plastic cups, or that we brought our own water or really anything at all, its an example of the culture we live in I am hoping to impact and change. I hate to complain because they are trying to make our lives easier, but it is wasteful, especially if you weren’t even going to need them.


When going out to restaurants, we either bring our own cups for milk and water, or we request that they bring milk in whatever glass they would for adults, and use these awesome Silikids silicone covers and metal straws. Doing this for at least one of the beverages (milk or water) saves so much room in your bag and works even better than a plastic cup and lid because the silicone stretched over the glass isn’t ever going to fall off, ask me how I know (Jojo). Has anyone else had the top fall off of their kids’ cup and the drink ends up all over the child, or all over THE PARENT!?

The Silikids covers are also very inexpensive. You can put any straw in them, but we got these metal ones that can also be used for cocktails when out and about so you are prepared for anything.


silikids cup.jpg

Silikids Cup Covers


Short Stainless Steel Straws


Klean Kanteen 8 Piece Straw Set