The Dirty on Diapers


While I now have two children potty trained, I still have a 14 month old girl who will be wearing diapers for the next 10 months to a year. Standard diapers take 500 years to decompose in landfills due to excessive use of plastics and chemicals, so l’ve been testing out some of the leading brands of environmentally-conscious diapers to find out which ones actually work well, and why they are considered “better” choices.

I thought about switching to cloth diapering since it would be more manageable now that we only have one child in diapers (we just recently potty trained Joseph). Cloth diapering has had a resurgence because it is has been simplified and is widely considered a more sustainable choice despite the water and energy needed to clean them! My friend who cloth diapers recommends getting the all-in-ones versus those that have two or three parts because they are just as easy to take on and off as a disposable. The only difference is throwing them in the wash versus the trash in the end. Newborn pee and poop is not that gross to put in the washer but once they are older and eating real food it’s a different story. The easy fix to this is using flushable diaper liners. Genius!

Simple Being

I considered all of this and know that I could do it with just as much ease, but a few things have made me decide not to.

First of all, this is my last child and these all-in-one cloth diapers are expensive, costing $25 to $35 for each diaper. This wouldn’t be expensive if you were just starting out, in fact you would definitely save money in the end! If I had more than a year of diapering left in me, I would definitely invest. I am hoping to potty train Isabel right at two years, so it’s too short a period of time to make it worthwhile. Also, Isabel is starting a preschool that requires disposables, so I would need to buy some disposables anyway, so it just doesn’t make sense for me. I definitely encourage those who are interested to try! There are lots of cute options out there!

So on to disposables.

I have tried many brands of diapers in the past few years from Pampers to Honest Company and most recently I’ve tried Bambo Nature, Naty by Nature and Boo Diapers. Bambo and Naty have been around for 25 plus years as companies concerned about making better products for the environment and are consistently rated as the top two diapers in that category. In a time when it sells to be considered an eco-conscious company, “greenwashing” is something to be mindful of. Bambo Nature and Naty have many environmental certifications to back up their claim of having diapers that are better for the environment.

I have used and been happy with both brands. I think Naty diapers have a cuter aesthetic from their website to the designs on the diapers. Bambo has a more standard look being white with the useful wetness indicator down the middle. They both function very well. I have never had any leaking problems and have used them at night for Isabel with no problem but Joseph tends to pee more at night so his pajamas would sometimes be moist by morning. Both diapers are similarly priced between $12-$13 per 26-28 diapers with Naty being slightly more expensive. Both companies offer subscriptions through their websites or through Amazon. I switched to using Naty’s pull-on diapers for nighttime for Joseph since he was potty-trained with no leaking problems. I love Naty’s wipes and am a huge fan of both their regular unscented version for diaper changes and their flushable wipes for having near the toilet for wiping the boys (is that TMI?!). I have never tried Bambo’s wipes so can’t speak to them.

Nature Babycare
Nature Babycare
Naty by Nature Babycare
Bambo Nature

Boo is a new company making diapers from bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable material that uses less water to produce compared to cotton, is self regenerating and is naturally absorbent. Boo claims their diapers decompose over 60% in just 75 days. That is a lot compared to the 250-500 years for standard diapers to decompose. Boo is a new company and there is not much written or disclosed about their sustainability in production but based on their materials, they seem great. Like I mentioned, I get wary about these things and will continue to be on the lookout for more information on them. I have used their diapers for my babies and have had nothing but a great experience. I find them more absorbent than Naty and Bambo. They even work for Joseph at night with no damp pajamas in the morning! You would save about $.03 cents per diaper with Boo compared to Naty and Bambo.

If you are interested in trying Boo! Use this discount code to get 50% off your first month. Full disclosure, I will also get 50% off my next order if you use this code.

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It’s hard being a mom, dad, or caregiver and there are enough stresses already! I try not to suggest switches that aren’t relatively easy or meaningful! Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out for you though. Making sustainable switches doesn’t have to be all encompassing and maybe this one isn’t for you? We’re all just trying to do our best!