What makes Sustain Local unique?

What makes this site different from other zero-waste websites is the main focus being on realistic waste-free transitions. I enjoy modern comforts and some luxury, but I think we can do that more sustainably!

Why have the shop?

At first, I was hesitant to use affiliate links to sell products because the inspiration for this site was to help other people who wanted to reduce their plastic consumption. But, everything on this site is something I truly believe in, and it is easier for people to get the products I discuss if I just link them!

How are products chosen?

I have used almost every product here. If I haven’t used the actual product, I have used and loved at least one of the products from the brand. Lots of trial and error here! There are many products that I tried and don’t promote because they didn’t make the cut! The products were chosen because of their quality and because the packaging is either mostly plastic free, made from recyclable plastic or its a material that can be composted. They all promote a sustainable, circular economy.

Why use Amazon?

I have been using Amazon for a while and through TerraCycle have found a way to make shopping there waste free. I would love to carry all of my own inventory and ship completely plastic free in just 2 days, and maybe in the future that can become a reality! For now, linking them to buy is the best way I can think of to guide others who are also interested in living more sustainably. The affiliate shop also links to a few other stores for products that Amazon doesn’t carry and that I have loved. I hope to carry more unique items in the future!

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