Baby & Kids Personal Care


All good goop

We use this for diaper changes, boo boos and everything that needs soothing. It has a wonderful lavender scent. I get the 9 oz but it comes in 3 and 6 oz as well.


All good kids sunscreen spray

Spray sunscreen is handy when you have wiggly sunscreen hating kids. This spray is packaged in aluminum and can be recycled once emptied completely!


Babo Botanicals Sheer Zinc Suncreen

Babo Botanicals has a great selection of kids and baby personal care products. While this item is in aluminum, they currently use plastic in many items but have pledged to begin using compostable sugar can “plastic” soon.


Chagrin Valley Bug Spray

A non-oily bug spray using essential oils. Great for everyday use. Packaged in aluminum.

ChagrinValley Baby Body Balm.jpg

Chagrin Valley Baby Body Balm

A great unscented option for diaper changes. I only wish it came in a larger size than 2 o.! Packaged in a glass container with an aluminum lid.


Chagrin Valley Baby Body Oil

Great for after bath baby massages! Packaged in a glass bottle with an aluminum top.

s.w.basics diaper cream.jpg

S.W. Basics Diaper Cream

For when baby needs the zinc oxide! This is currently in plastic but they are a very eco-conscious company and say it is coming out in sugar-cane “plastic” soon.

S.W. Basics Baby Wash.jpg

S.W. Basics Baby Wash

Not just for babies! We use this for all of our kids. Packaged in aluminum.

Kids Kitchen


Planetbox Rover

One of 3 styles of Planetbox lunchboxes. Wil loves having lots of little options to snack on during lunch so this is perfect for package free lunches.