It’s really hard to adjust to going completely plastic free. I swear plastic is like spring pollen and will find its way into your life. While perfection shouldn’t be the expectation here, it can be very frustrating and discouraging to feel like you aren’t achieving your goals or in control of the flow of packaging around you, especially non-recyclables like plastic bags and wrap. I was truly excited when I came across this recycling program called Terracycle.  Don’t get me wrong, I still try to shop and live as plastic free as I can, but TerraCycle lets me recycle everything else!

TerraCycle is a global recycling company that has become a leader in recycling hard to recycle materials. They offer several different types and sizes of recycling boxes for purchase or many companies offer free ones for personal or public use. I purchased the small plastic packaging box and the snack packaging box to have in our home for those pesky plastic bags and chip and candy bar wrappers. There is a slew of zero waste box options that might appeal to you for your individual needs. You can also purchase an everything box so you don’t even have to sort, but that one is the most expensive option.

It’s alarming that only 14 percent of all plastic packaging is collected for recycling and only 5 percent of that is actually made into a new material. Plastic recycling can’t keep pace with the continued demand for plastic production and it is currently cheaper for companies to make their products with “virgin plastics” than to use recycled plastics. Recycling with TerraCycle gives me peace of mind knowing that what I send to them will be reused and not put into a landfill. Visit their site and check out which options might work best for you or click below to purchase from the shop.


TerraCycle eliminates the idea of waste by recycling what your local recycling facility will not.

Stay tuned! Houston TerraCycle locations coming soon!


A TerraCycle product made from recycled materials sent in through their collection boxes.

A TerraCycle product made from recycled materials sent in through their collection boxes.